Fruit and veg runs in family for Lesley

Lesley Danville of Little Orchard
Lesley Danville of Little Orchard
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WITH two greengrocers as parents, Lesley Danville was always destined to become a fruit and veg trader.

Lesley has been running fruit and veg stall Little Orchard at Caistor market for the past five years – her top-quality products have proved to be very popular with shoppers who keep coming back for more.

It might be because Lesley makes sure everything comes from an English supplier and as many products as possible are locally sourced.

She also sells plants and flowers and some very unusual fruits – like dragon fruit, which you might struggle to get elsewhere.

“I buy fresh fruit and vegetables every week. We sell just about everything; if we don’t have it I can order it in,” she said.

Lesley is backing our Buy Local campaign – she says it is important to support local traders in order to retain a sense of community.

“It keeps the community together. There’s nothing worse than driving through a town and thinking ‘what a mess’ because all of the shops are shut.

“It’s nice to see plenty of shops and busy traders – if people get a good impression of a town they are more likely to come back and we’ll get more visitors.”

Little Orchard is one of 15 stalls that will be at the fourth monthly farmers market in Caistor this Saturday, July 14 from 9am-1pm.

Caistor town clerk Helen Pitman, who organises the farmers market, said is attracting a lot of visitors and has gown in popularity since it started in April.