Free parking extended

Parking machine PNL-140423-134522001
Parking machine PNL-140423-134522001

North Lincolnshire Council Leader Liz Redfern has announced plans to extend free parking to include Sundays.

In a move which will cost up to £15,000 in parking revenue, free parking on Sunday will be available in time for Christmas shopping, and include every car park in Brigg.

This new policy follows previous decisions to introduce free car parking all day on Saturdays in June 2014 and two hours free car parking in all carparks on weekdays.

“At a time when the Government are looking to decentralise more powers about shopping to local councils, we are providing a clear message that we are open for business and we want to support our residents and businesses alike,” said Coun Redfern.

“Since we took control of the council in 2011 we have done a great deal to support our town centres, they are important to us, and they provide employment to literally thousands of residents and shopping experiences to even more.

“We know that thousands of people visit our car parks every Sunday and we hope that the extension of free car parking will increase this number by even more.”