Fracking and oil plans a threat to our Lincolnshire Wolds?


A public meeting has been organised as opposition to a proposed exploratory oil drilling site in the Bain Valley continues to grow.

Egdon Resources UK Ltd has submitted an application to Lincolnshire County Council asking for temporary planning permission for the drilling of an exploratory borehole on land in Gayton le Wold.

There are concerns that successful drilling in the area could open the door to fracking taking place in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The application on LCC’s website has drawn a number of objections, not just from local residents but also people throughout the county.

Donington On Bain Pre-School has raised concern stating: “There is no way money should come before the safety and beauty of the area surrounding Biscathorpe to people and wildlife.

“This should not go ahead.”

Ian Rushby, from Hainton, said: “I object on the basis that fossil fuels need to stay in the ground in order to prevent runaway climate change.

“My understanding is that the amounts of gas and oil remaining in the earth under Lincolnshire are relatively small and hard to reach.

“This particular site has got to be one of the most scenically attractive and environmentally diverse places in the county.”

A meeting has been organised to take place at Donington on Bain Village Hall on Friday at 7pm in a bid to raise awareness of the potential ramifications of having such a site.

Biff Vernon, one of the organisers, said: “We believe that this is all about fracking.

“There is a deposit of shale gas underneath the oil Egdon Resources are drilling for, and we believe that is where the value is.

“The purpose of the meeting on Friday is to bring this application to the attention of local people, we don’t want a repeat of scenes from down south.”

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