Florist adds to high street closures

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A five-year-old Market Rasen florist has announced it is going to close its shop doors.

But Forget-Me-Knot at Queen Street says it will continue as a mobile and online operation.

Owner Gill Scuffham has worked in the flower trade for decades, including at previous flower shops in Market Rasen.

But Gill and husband Richy say the overheads for the shop have become “too big to keep going”.

The closure at the end of August will mean an end to high rents and insurance, Gill continued.

But there will not be any joblosses as only Gill and Richie are employed. Richy will launch his own related business.

The florist, which imports flowers direct from the markets of Holland, will relaunch on September 1.

“There’s still the funeral work, we will still be running our delivery service within a 10-mile radius, and we will still be making our boquests,” said Gill.

Details on their Facebook page and websites would also be updated to account for the changes.

In the meantime, the store has announced a 30 per cent off sale for non-flowers.

Gill said the business can be contacted via its social media sites and on 07960-256660.

This latest closure follows others in the Market Rasen, which still has many empty premises in its high street.

Recent months have seen the departures of outlets including Hollywood Nails, the Primal Art Tattoo studio and fashion retailer Gltz’N’Glam.

Gill added: “It is sad. It’s another empty shop on the high street. It’s a sign of the times. People don’t have the money to spend and Market Rasen doesn’t have the parking spaces for people to stop as they pass through.”

“We are still continuing though. It’s only the gifts we are discontinuing.”