Firm donates £10k to Japanese victims

LINCOLNSHIRE Co-operative is donating £10,000 towards an international fund designed to help people from Japanese co-operatives rebuild their livelihoods.

Homes and businesses across north-east Japan were destroyed in March’s magnitude 9.0 earthquake and the massive tsunami it triggered.

Fishing and agricultural co-operatives in that area have been among some of the worst affected and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) has launched the Japan Disaster Recovery Fund to help such organisations.

Lincolnshire Co-operative’s board of directors has agreed to the donation to the fund on behalf of the society’s 190,000 members.

Lincolnshire Co-operative’s president Julia Romney said: “Our members and staff have great sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the natural disasters which occurred recently in Japan.

“On the behalf of our members and colleagues, the board of directors felt it was appropriate to make this donation towards the reconstruction effort. We hope our donation, alongside the support from other members of the international co-operative movement, will help the people of Japan to look forward and rebuild.”