Every Lidl helps- but not yet for Rasen


Discount supermarket operator Lidl has said it is seeking sites for stores in Lincolnshire but has declined to identify any towns where these might be.

The move follows Aldi saying it has identified a site for a supermarket in Market Rasen and other Lincolnshire towns, and reports Netto has also being eyeing up Market Rasen. Last week, national media reported Lidl reported Lidl sought a major nationwide expansion, using high street outlets. However, a Lidl spokeswoman told the Rasen Mail the article was “purely speculative.”

“Whilst we are continuously exploring opportunities for new Lidl stores across the UK as part of our ongoing expansion programme, ‘high street’ stores are not a focal part of our expansion strategy,” she said.

“We do have an ongoing requirement for sites in Lincolnshire, but we are unable to advise on any specific sites at this moment in time.”