Council calls for support against rumoured rail cuts


Brigg Town Councillors have voiced their opposition to 
rumoured cuts in the Trans Pennine Rail Service between Cleethorpes and Manchester, with a view to curtailing it at Sheffield.

At present they considered it an excellent, well-used service, which links North Lincolnshire to the North West and an International Airport.

Any change would be inconvenient and damaging to the area, where rail links are already very restricted.

The council agreed to lend its support to all efforts by local MPs to oppose this change.

Coun Mike Campion said: “At a time when there is an initiative to improve access by the new high speed rail link between other areas of the country and the capital, it is essential that places like North Lincolnshire do not get neglected and suffer cuts to the service which is already extremely poor.”

He added any reduction in the current level of service between Cleethorpes and Manchester would be detrimental to businesses, the local economy and to communities.

Coun Rob Waltham supported the motion and agreed a clear message must be sent to the Department of Transport, through the local MPs and also the Town Council and local media should encourage the public to lobby as well and make it clear any reduction in service would have a negative effect on the employment prospects of local residents.