Cats create purr-fect business

Flat Cats, Market Rasen EMN-140525-111451001
Flat Cats, Market Rasen EMN-140525-111451001

A Market Rasen business is finding plenty of money in the kitty from helping to ensure beloved pets are kept safe.

When Dominic Parker lived in London, he feared his two cats would climb out of his apartment window and fall from the sill.

So, seven years ago he developed Flat Cats, which works like a net, to keep your cats indoors.

Last week, his business attended its first-ever trade show, the London Pet Show in Earls Court.

“It really went well and we shifted £5,000 of stock (220 units),” he said.

Dominic says he was approached to enter the show by a couple of breeders. Flat Cats are typically sold online since the nets are made-to-measure and Dominic is also a website designer.

The product consists of a PVC-coated fibre-glass mesh imported from China; and with some UK-made ‘fixing’, is assembled locally by seven women working from home.

Dominic says this year is his “biggest ever year,” with sales at his six-year-old firm expected to top £50,000.

Some 95 per cent of Flat Cats are sold in the UK, with around 85 per cent to the South-East as that’s where the flats and the money are.

“They have a different perception of pets. Up here they are free to roam wild. They are pampered down south and there’s fears pets may be stolen.”

Dominic plans further trade shows but says he is happy to sell online only, rather than supply stores, as he would rather keep the business local, rather than expand with assembly overseas.