Call for ‘staycations’ to boost our home economy

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A BUSINESSMAN determined to open a caravan park in Caistor has pledged his support to a Government campaign encouraging people to take ‘staycations’.

It has been confirmed West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee will visit Brigg Road in Caistor to inspect the site where Phil Manning wants to open a touring caravan park.

Mr Manning thinks the park will bring more people into the area and boost tourism, but news of his plan was met with objections from Brigg Road Residents Group who fear the extra traffic on the road could be dangerous.

Ahead of the site visit on March 22, Mr Manning has said he will do everything he can to encourage people to take ‘staycations’ and help to boost the economy, should his application be given the go-ahead. ‘Staycation’ is a new word used to describe holidaying at home.

Mr Manning, whose caravan park would have space for 40 caravans, 20 tents, a cafe and shop, said: “It’s important to encourage people to take holidays in this country rather than going abroad.

“We need to make people aware of what this country has to offer – there’s a lot of great places right on our doorstep.

“A holiday should be relaxing and going abroad can often be quite stressful, going through airport security and travelling for a long time.

“We should spend the British pound in this country, rather than elsewhere.”

Mr Manning said the caravan park would boost tourism in Caistor and help local shops and businesses.

Other concerns about the proposed caravan park include fears it will be visible from the Wolds and the Viking Way.

A decision on the application is expected to be made at the next West Lindsey District Council planning committee meeting on April 4.