Ban on cigarette adverts in store

PEOPLE who are trying to stop smoking may find that quitting gets easier next month after a new ban on tobacco displays.

From April 6, a new law will prevent supermarkets and other large shops from having tobacco products on show for all to see.

Instead, they will be stored out of sight and shown only to those over 18 who ask to see them.

The move is part of government plans to cut the number of people who die from smoking-related illnesses every year – more than 80,000 in England alone.

It is hoped that the ban will also reduce the number of adults, children and young people who may be tempted to smoke by seeing the products on display.

The new law does not yet apply to small shops, specialist and bulk tobacconists and “on-licensed” premises such as pubs and clubs. These will be able to continue displaying tobacco products until April 6, 2015.

Retailers or members of the public who have any questions about the new law can contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341.