Award says Nigel’s store is the best by Spar

Brigg Spar has been presented with a top award
Brigg Spar has been presented with a top award

A BRIGG convenience store has been named as North Lincolnshire’s and one of the nation’s best corner shops.

Owner of The Spar in Atkinson Avenue, Nigel Greenwood, who runs the shop with his wife Kim, was presented with a plaque at a special presentation event in Bicester, Oxfordshire recently.

Following a competition put together by, the Spar was nominated by its customers for going that bit further.

“We wanted to find shops nationwide that are the epitome of the best of British and we think the Spar fits the criteria perfectly,” said Mark Callaghan, managing director of

“We were looking for those that offer a real community service and are at the heart of the area they serve.

“Good old-fashioned customer service is vital. The Spar’s customers told us all about the store and we were really impressed with their comments.”

Spar customer, Pat Taylor, who nominated the shop, said why she thought they deserved the award.

“The shop is the hub of the community. Kim and Nigel look after the welfare of a lot of the pensioners in the area and have taken them on occasions to doctors or hospital appointments. If they have not seen someone for a day or so, they will either ring or drop in to check up on them.

“I have had first-hand experience of this kindness as I have a 34-year-old son, Carl, who has learning difficulties and epilepsy. “On rare occasions when my husband has to attend a meeting, Nigel is always on standby. My son often has a seizure and gets trapped and harms himself, so I call Nigel and he comes and helps, as I cannot lift Carl on my own.

“Also if Carl or my husband are ill in the night, Kim and Nigel have given me their telephone number so I can call them. Luckily I haven’t had to ring yet but it’s so nice to know I have this support. The Spar is so much more than a shop.”

Mr Greenwood said: “I’m delighted with this award and for my shop to be named as North Lincolnshire’s and one of the country’s Best British Corner Shops.

“Not only are we one of North Lincolnshire’s finest stores we also jointly share the title of National British Corner Shop 2010 with two other entrants from Cambridgeshire and Derbyshire.”