Business as usual for Middle Rasen owners

The Middle Rasen Car Wash at the site of the former RCH Motors.
The Middle Rasen Car Wash at the site of the former RCH Motors.

Businesses in Middle Rasen say things are picking up after they reported substantial losses during the temporary closure of the A46.

The A46 in Middle Rasen is now back up and open after Lincolnshire County Council finished a £600,000 flood prevention project.

Crossroads post office and convenience store.

Crossroads post office and convenience store.

The Rasen Mail spoke to businesses in the village to hear how things have improved since the road reopened on Thursday, October 18.

Andy Blagojevitch owns the Crossroads Stores and claims that poor signage during the temporary closure was a 
contributing factor to loss of takings for businesses.

He said: “The signage could have been better - it wasn’t clear enough for traffic.

“After the first couple of weeks, business certainly picked up.

“During the first two weeks, we were down by 30 to 35% in takings.”

Mr Blagojevitch added that business has started to pick up since the A46 reopened.

The Rasen Mail also spoke to Taha Rashid, the owner of the Middle Rasen Car Wash at the site of the former RCH Motors.

Taha said: “During the closure of the A46, it was very bad.

“More people are coming now the road is open.

“Business has got a bit better but I haven’t noticed much of a 
difference yet.

“I think that most people think the road is still closed.”

Mr Rashid plans to consult Lincolnshire County Council over his loss of takings.

Mark Andrew owns Mark Andrew Vehicle Sales, and says the closure had a huge impact on business.

He said: “Business has started to pick up now, but we were 50% down in takings for most of the seven week closure.”

He added: “They could have completed the work sooner if they had worked seven days a week, 24/7.”

Mr Andrew also echoed the views of Mr Blagojevitch and Mr Rashid by adding that he thinks businesses should receive compensation from Lincolnshire County Council.

Councillor Colin Davie, 
executive councillor for executive member for economy and place at LCC said:“Whilst we 
entirely understand the
 position of the businesses 
affected by these flood 
improvement works, these were vital works to prevent properties and businesses flooding in the future.

“We worked hard to 
publicise the road closures and to provide adequate signage and we’re unable to offer any
compensation for loss of 

“The works have gone smoothly and the flood 
alleviation is scheme is now in place offering vastly improved protection from flooding.

“Thank you to those 
residents and drivers who were patient and took extra care 
during the works.”