Brenda Gibson

The funeral service for Brenda Gibson, aged 75 years of Lammas Leas in Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Clive Gibson (husband); Veronica and Fred Chamberlin (daughter and son-in-law); Vanessa and Stewart Taylor (daughter and son-in-law); Peter Gibson and Jude (son and daughter-in-law); Rebecca and Jamie Taylor (granddaughter and grandson); Rachel Taylor and Mike Jones (granddaughter and partner); Aimee Chamberlin and Owen Kemp (granddaughter and partner); Clare Chamberlin and Martin Roe (granddaughter and partner); Jane and Robert Chamberlin (granddaughter and grandson); Peggy and Jack Maidment (sister and husband); Graham Ovington, Robert Ovington, John Lindley, Ian Gibson (nephews).

Friends at the service were: Karen Taylor (also rep the family); Mrs Sanders; Mrs McIntosh; Mr and Mrs J Burkes (also rep the family); Mrs Hodson; Dean Hodson; Louise Hodson; Mrs D Dawson (also rep Mr S Dawson, Mr and Mrs G Mapplethorpe); Mr and Mrs H Whitelam; Mr and Mrs Robinson (also rep Stella Sutton); Barbara Bradford; Mrs D Woodall; Brian and Christine Wall; John Lindley (also rep Christine Lindley); Mr and Mrs T Sharpe; Ron and Carol Thomas (also rep Christopher Greatorex); Charlie Briggs; Mr and Mrs D Cummings (also rep Mr and Mrs R West); Alan Taylor; Mrs B Chamberlin; Mr and Mrs D Chamberlin (also rep Mrs G Gurtz); Eva Dryden; Ann Simons (also rep Ian Spark and family, the Schofield family); Ruth Simons (also rep Ben Simons).