BREAKING NEWS: “We will not pay our council tax while explosive testing goes on in Faldingworth”

VILLAGERS have again voiced their dismay that explosive tests are being allowed to go ahead near their homes.

West Lindsey District Council has been advised by Faldingworth Defence Ltd (Skydock) of the following explosive trials taking place in the next few weeks:

Monday 20 February – approx 10 shots

Tuesday 21 February – approx 50 shots per day

Wednesday 22 February – approx 50 shots per day

Thursday 23 February – approx 50 shots per day

Friday 24 February – approx 50 shots per day

Monday 27 February – approx 10 shots

Monday 5 March – approx 10 shots

Residents have previosuly protested at the tests at the former MOD site.

Local resident David Humpage said: “West Lindsey Council’s website warning page tells us that next week there will be over 200 explosions scheduled!: 50 explosions per day for most of the week, presumably with sirens.

“The public has a legal right to quiet enjoyment of their property. If anything prevents this, the council has the power to declare it a statutory nuisance, and take action - indeed, they have a legal obligation to do so.

“I am paying no further council tax until they do this.”

Sandra Bye from nearby Newtoft said: “Are our human rights being thwarted here as it seems noone is prepared to help us.

“The people in Faldingworth are refusing to pay their council tax which I think it a very good idea.”

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