BREAKING NEWS: Flooding in Middle Rasen

DRIVERS are being urged to be careful after heavy rain caused flooding in Middle Rasen.

The A631, Gainsborough Road, Middle Rasen is flooded but passable with care - but communities in Lincolnshire are being advised to remain alert.

Flood alerts have been issued by the Environment Agency countywide.

Local authorities continue to monitor the situation and are fully prepared to respond quickly to any incidents.

Head of the Joint Emergency Management Service in Lincolnshire, David Powell said: “The rain which was originally forecast overnight has now reached the county and we are expecting heavy rain this morning across Lincolnshire. Surface water flooding is still possible, so we are asking people to remain vigilant.

“Residents should keep an eye on the local forecast and not take risks such as walking and driving through flood water. It is simply not possible to judge how deep the water is, or whether there are any missing manhole covers and hidden obstacles under water.

“Unless your home is in immediate danger of flooding, please do not contact your district council for sandbags. If your home has previously experienced any kind of flooding, do be vigilant and take appropriate precautionary steps. We have had several reports of individual properties being flooded across the county.”

Heavy rain is forecast to fall this morning but should begin to clear by lunchtime, with showers forecast tomorrow and unsettled weather returning on Sunday.

Environment Agency operation delivery manager Leigh Edlin said: “Flood alerts are in place across the entire county which means that flooding is possible, so we are asking people to be prepared. We are working with our partners to monitor the situation, and we have teams out across the county checking rivers to make sure they are clear from obstructions.

“Our incident room will remain open, until the risk of flooding has passed but people can take steps to reduce the risk to themselves and their families. I would ask people to find out if they are at risk of flooding and take simple steps such as moving treasured items such as photos to a safe place.”

Local authorities including the police, fire and rescue, the county and district councils, highways, drainage boards and the Environment Agency are working together to monitor the situation and are fully prepared to respond quickly to any incidents.

A number of preventative measures are being carried out to mitigate the likelihood of further potential flooding, as well as lessen the impact if it does occur.

Police, fire and rescue, highways and local authority teams are working closely under the co-ordination of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to prepare and respond to flooding in the county. Flood rescue boats are also on standby.

We are working closely with the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and drainage boards to manage the water levels, keeping them low to try to ensure that they can cope with extra rain.

To report a flood, or if you need support dealing with one, contact West Lindsey District Council on 01427 676676. Fo more information about floods call the Environment Agency’s Floodline Warnings Direct service on 0845 988 1188