Bomber event gets support of councils

Brigg news
Brigg news

Brigg Town Council is right behind the promotion of the town’s flagship summer event.

That was the message as councillors voted to sponsor the Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon, a World Championship event being staged on Sunday May 25.

The event, being promoted by local quadrathlon club LincsSquad, had an estimated loss of £6,000 in figures presented to the council.

Town Mayor John Kitwood said: “I rather think it would be good if we went 50 per cent on this with North Lincolnshire Council.”

And North Lincolnshire Councillor Rob Waltham supported the Mayor’s thinking.

“I am sure North Lincolnshire will come up with the other £3,500,” he replied.

The money will only be used in case of need, that is if the forecast shortfall happens.

The Brigg Bomber event takes the form of a long 
distance swim, cycle ride and canoe event, ending with a run on the banks of the river Ancholme.