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Brian Blessed discovered his Brigg roots
Brian Blessed discovered his Brigg roots

Fans of the BBC genealogy programme Who Do You Think You Are? would have spotted some local sights in last night’s episode.

Actor Brian Blessed’s search for his ancestors took him to London, Portsmouth and finally to Brigg, where his great-great grandfather, Jabez, had lived and worked.

“I love my name Brian Blessed, it’s the most perfect name, I like it and wouldn’t exchange it for any name, but who are the Blesseds?” said the 77-year-old Mexborough-born actor at the start of the programme

“It’s not good enough just to know your mother and father and your granddad and your this, that and the other. You need to know the whole root system.

“I’m going to find out about my family history. I’m going on an adventure, everything to me is an adventure, this is going to be an adventure. I really am looking forward to it.”

After an early life in the workhouse, Jabez Blessed had been apprenticed to a master mariner before he arrived in Brigg, where he was listed as a glass and china dealer and, later, as a licensed hawker.

Between 1861 and 1881, census records show him living at Cross Street, Morley’s Yard and Calvin Chapel Court, where Brian visited earlier this year during filming for the programme.

Brian’s great-grandfather was the eight of 13 children born to Jabez and his wife Ellen, listed as a milliner.

Jabez moved to Winterton with his second wife and it was there that he died and is buried.

The series continues at 9pm on Thursdays, with future episodes featuring a number of famous faces including another locally-born actor Sheridan Smith.

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