Best Kept organiser pulls out of contest

One of the joint organisers of the Best Kept Village and Market Town competition has vowed to carry on with the event despite its partner pulling out.

Invitations to about 330 towns and villages across Lincolnshire, will be sent out in the next few weeks by the county’s Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) branch.

It will be the 51st year of the competition which was jointly run by CPRE and Community Lincs who announced it was pulling out of this year’s event after “reviewing its commitments” against “current restraints.”

Stamford Marthews, Lincolnshire CPRE branch secretary, said: “From our perspective, Community Lincs has been very satisfactorily managing the competition for many years and CPRE was perfectly happy for them to continue.

“But when we sat down to discuss the arrangements for 2013, they warned us that they were reviewing all their commitments.

“But we decided to take control of the competition and there will be no change to the competition this year.”

Anyone interested in being a judge for the competition should email