Be prepared for the snowy roads

Police have issued general advice about driving in snowy conditions

They are asking people not to travel unless absolutely necessary and stick to main roads wherever possible as many minor roads and side roads may be closed or impassable.

If venturing out drive with care and leave in plenty of time. Prepare for your journey using the check list below:


■local and national radio for travel information and weather forecasts allowing extra time for your journey if necessary

■the gritting routes map to avoid travelling on untreated roads

■all lights are clean and working properly

■all windows and mirrors are clear from frost and snow and are clean

In extreme conditions ask yourself:

■is your journey essential?

■have you checked the weather forecast and road conditions and carefully considered the advice given?

■have you a full fuel tank?

■does anybody know where you are going and when you hope to arrive?

■would taking warm clothing, hot drinks, food, wellingtons, a torch and shovel be a wise precaution?

Check you:

■are travelling with care on both treated and untreated roads and reduce speed accordingly

■take particular care when leaving or joining untreated roads at junctions

■are you using dipped headlights in poor visibility and snow

■are driving in the highest gear possible and avoid harsh breaking and acceleration

■are maintaining a safe stopping distance behind other vehicles bearing in mind the prevailing conditions

■are keeping a careful watch on other road users and especially cyclists and children

■are not obstructing winter maintenance vehicles as they treat the roads

If you get into trouble:

■stay with your vehicle if possible until help arrives

■if you do have to leave your vehicle make yourself visible to other road users

■if you are forced to abandon your vehicle give police the details