Back broadband for West Lindsey

RESIDENTS and businesses in West Lindsey are being urged to back plans for superfast broadband to be available in their area.

If the internet connection in your area is poor or non-existent then you need to register your support now for a Lincolnshire-wide campaign.

Lincolnshire County Council has netted a multi-million pound grant to improve internet across the county.

The county has received £14,310,000 in Government funding as part of a national drive to make sure 90 per cent of homes and businesses have access to superfast broadband by 2015.

As a result, they need to show an urgent need for faster broadband and highlight areas where the service needs improvement.

West Lindsey District Council is now asking for people to register their support for the campaign by filling in a short five minute survey.

One of West Lindsey’s ICT champions, Coun Alan Caine, said: “Our rural communities have been crying out for better broadband for years. We need everyone who wants faster broadband to register with the OnLincolnshire site.

“I want to thank everyone who has already registered their support. The information that will be provided will help to determine where the money will be spent in Lincolnshire to improve broadband services.”

Take five minutes to register your support for improved broadband in West Lindsey at .