Autumn nights to go with a bang

Feel like it’s time for a frighteningly good party? Ultimate party organiser Polly Breton reveals some ghoulishly good recipes for a Halloween bash that’s certainly not for kids.

How to throw a ghoulish grown-up bash:

Have a great theme. The Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is shortly after Halloween, and gives an excuse for amazing skeleton makeup and a riot of colour. For a more glamorous tone, try a Dead Celebrities theme, and if you’re a fan of kitsch, Hammer Horror is always a winner.

:Put together a carefully curated cocktail list, because good cocktails get a party swinging in no time. Think about appearance, flavour and practicality. Tequila sunrise is great for Dia de los Muertos, or perhaps Bloody Marys for dead celebrities.

Have fun with your playlist. While the usual suspects, such as Thriller by Michael Jackson, have their place, you can also take your cue from television and film (e.g. Bad Things by Jace Everett, from True Blood).

Projectors are a great way to fill up empty space without damaging the walls. If you have access to one, use it to project vintage horror films to give a cheap, easy and impressive backdrop to your party.

And don’t foget to go all out with your pumpkins and invest in a carving tool: a little serrated blade that makes it easy to carve really intricate designs to impress your friends.