Arthur William King

Arthur William King, of Whitegate Hill, Caistor, died on August 11 at The Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby.

The funeral took place at Caistor Methodist Chapel and the service was taken by the Rev Andrew Lomax.

Arthur was born in Caistor in 1928. He attended the Methodist Wesleyan Junior School and later Caistor Grammar School.

At the age of 18 he was called to do his National Service in the army, spending 18 months in Egypt.

He then joined his father, Mr W H King, in the family butcher’s business where he became a master butcher and remained there for 30 years.

After training to be a meat inspector, he worked for East Lindsey District Council until his retirement in 1993.

Arthur was a Methodist local preacher for 58 years and chapel organist from the age of 16.

He held many offices in the Methodist circuit. He was a member of the parish council, a member of the Royal British Legion and a member of the Caistor Male Voice Choir. He had been a loyal supporter of Grimsby Town Football Club from the age of eight.

Arthur enjoyed an active and fulfilling retirement and he was devoted to his wife Margaret, family and grandchildren.

The arrangements were made by J W Varlow & Son, 8A Chapel Street, Caistor.

Family mourners were: Margaret King (wife), Hilary Robinson and Bob Gilmore (daughter and partner), Sarah and Ron Granger (daughter and son-in-law), Robert and Tess King (son and daughter-in-law), Samuel Granger (grandson), James Granger (grandson), George Kirkby (grandson), Lenny King (grandson), Arthur King (grandson), Rachel Robinson (granddaughter), Lydia Robinson (granddaughter), Laura Kirkby (granddaughter), David King (brother), Louis King (brother and sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs Richard King (brother and sister-in-law), the Rev and Mrs D O Terry (sister and brother-in-law), Mrs H Sutton (sister) rep. Harry, (brother-in-law), Mr and Mrs Noel Knapton (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Brenda Knapton (sister-in-law) rep. Chris and Michelle Knapton (nephew and niece), Simon Knapton (nephew) rep. Helen and Ellis, G Smith, Mr A King (nephew) rep. Mrs K King, Mrs Helen Godfrey (niece), Miss D Sutton and Mr S Parker (niece and partner), Darren and Jane Scutt (niece and husband), Mr and Mrs M Bennett (niece and Goddaughter), Sam and Max (niece) rep. Paul, Mrs Roz Lester (niece), Mrs Jeanette Quinn, Oli, Mia, (niece) rep. Dan, Alyson Hodder (niece) rep. Mark, Stephanie Hodder, Emma Bennett (great-niece) rep. Vicky Bennet (great-niece).

Other mourners: Miss K King, Mr and Mrs M James, Mrs M McQueen, Mr R Drury (rep. Valerie, M Brown, G Penrose), Mr A Hinchley (rep. family), Mr and Mrs I Mumby, Mrs C Balderson, Mrs M Thompson, Miss Jayne Barr (rep. John), Mrs J Madden (rep. family) Mrs D Atkinson, Rev B Kirkby (rep. Maureen), Mr and Mrs R Kirkby (rep. Anne, Neil, Mathew, Steven), Mr K Ellis, Mr M Robinson, Hannah Godfrey, Oliver Godfrey, Miss Hardy, Mr and Mrs Albert Pearce, Mrs J Gibbins, Mr and Mrs Bruce Curtis (rep. Clara Harrison), Mr Colin Wood, Mrs L Arthur (rep. Corrie, John, Chris, Lee), Mr C Smith, Mr and Mrs J Hicks, Mrs L Loveday, Mr W F Smith, Mrs Gill Wilkinson (rep. family), Ms Rachel Grainger (rep. Mr and Mrs A Spalding), Mr R Rodwell, Mrs J Thomas (rep. S.Pickering), Miss A Lillywhite (rep. Faldingworth Chapel), Mrs R Lord, (rep. Jeff), Rev Marty Presdie (rep. Mrs Midge Thomas), Mr P Hannah (rep. Mrs O Hannah), Mrs N Radcliffe (rep. John), Mrs L Mason, Miss B Clark (rep. Janet, Alistair), Mrs Pat Jacklin, Mrs J Cook, Mrs J Dame, Mr and Mrs P Grainger, Mr and Mrs K Knapton, Mrs H Ingle (rep. Phil, Louise) Mrs Janice Cook (rep. Mr Brian Cook, Helen Sheehan, Martin Cook, Anthony Cook), Mrs Jane Lloyd, Hannah Nicholson (rep. Malcolm and Ann Odlin), Miss P Hollings (rep. John and Enid Fowler), Mr Robert Hollings, Mr A Bennet (rep. Mr and Mrs W Hankins), Cecil and Olive Shortland, Mrs M Glentworth, Mrs Catherine Shacklock (rep. Peter), Mrs Yvonne Woolston, Mr P Drury, Roly and Olga Clark (rep. Terry and Debbie McKitton), Julie Holt (rep. Yvonne Holt), Dennis Cordon, Mr and Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Christine Ashton, Mrs Eileen Mumby, Brian and Jean Field (rep. Nettleton Chapel, Mrs. Marilyn Badeley), Mr and Mrs R Vickers (rep. family), Mrs Lillian Sharpe, Beryl Field, Stuart and Barbara Fraser (rep. Betty Hyde), Mrs Pauline Dawson (rep. Mrs F Garfoot), Mrs Mary Winslow, Mrs Margaret Roach (rep. Stuart), Don Owen (rep. Mrs P Thaites), Mr Ken Clark (rep. Sheila), David and Marion Barrow, Mrs Joan Wright (rep. family), Irene Wilkinson, Pauline Larder, David and Jill Naylor (rep. Janet Clilverd), Mrs Susan Lewan, Mr Arthur Dawson (rep. North Kelsey Chapel), Mr Don Morgan (rep. Cath), Mrs Dot Hardwick (rep. Pete, family), Janet Steer (rep. Sheila Grant), Mrs B Knapton (rep. Mr and Mrs B Hatfield), Mrs J Lusby (rep. Walt), Mrs Pearl Waterman, (rep. Steve, Mick and Kay Mellors), Mrs Helen Todd, Miss Ann Todd, Mrs Vicki Halmshaw (rep. Sally Daniels), Paul Knapton (rep. Kate Knapton), Mr Robert Jackson, Gerry and Jean Crossley, Mrs Eileen Burnett, Mrs Janet Chamberlain (rep. family), Mrs Heather Grant (rep. Mike), Mr and Mrs M Bedells, Mr and Mrs M Plaskett (rep. Mrs M Todd), John and Joyce Cowling, Mrs Barbara Harris, Mrs G Lawledge;

Neil and Ellen Knapton, Coun John Burns-Salmond, Mayor of Caistor, Mrs Violet King, Mrs Marilyn Dick, Mrs Jean Wood, Mrs Molly Dixon (rep. Gordon), Mr and Mrs C Hare, Mr and Mrs Bontoft (rep. family, Mr and Mrs M McKeown), Sandy and Judith Storr, Mr Ken Potts, Glenys Sheard (rep. Charlotte Linsell, Caistor Grammar Old Castorians), the Rev Una McClean-Manning, Mrs Alice Surfleet, Mr Chris Parkin, Mr Ashley Kite, Mr and Mrs Brian Lundy (rep. Mr and Mrs Neville Woodcock), Alan and Lynda Saxton (rep. Stuart Saxton, Joanne Love, Rose Salsbury), Gordon Rogers, Mr Richard Alderson (rep Mrs Alderson), the Rev Canon Ian Robinson, Mr Paul Collins, Joanna Rutherford (rep. Tom), Mrs Deborah Etherington, Mr and Mrs Barker, Miss Claire King, Harry Minns, Mrs Chris Yull (rep. Mrs Dorothy Clark), Mrs Wendy Wells (rep. Beverley Mumby (née King), Mrs Paula King, Mrs Carol Barnes, Mrs Granger, Sally Allison, John and Judith Collinson, Steven Hodder, Mrs Shirley Wright (rep. Henry and Betty Markham), Stuart and Christine Davis (rep. Mrs Ellen Davis, Mr Graham Davis), Peter and Jo Addison (rep. David and May Addison), Jean Mumby (rep. Mary Gaughan), Dorothy Axcell (rep. Clark and Axcell’s), Motley and Corinne Brant (rep. family, Terry and Pat Vann), Mr and Mrs Ken Knapton (rep. Market Rasen-Caistor local preachers, Mrs Kath Tym-Laceby), Mr David Hill, Mr Chris Carver, Mr W Gaughan, Mr I Short and others.