Are bollards a boon or a bust for Rasen?

Market Rasen Market Place EMN-171023-170702001
Market Rasen Market Place EMN-171023-170702001

Residents have suggested that increasing trader numbers is ‘needed’ after proposals by Market Rasen Town Council for permanent bollards in the Market Place came to light earlier this month.

The plans could see two permanently coned off areas introduced in the Market Place using locking and unlocking permanent bollards.

These would be permanently reserved for traders on the town’s market days - Tuesday, Friday and Saturday - preventing motorists from blocking the space with their cars.

However, while this would take pressure off staff, market traders and according to the council long term spending, the plans could see the loss of around 10 parking spaces in the Market Place.

The proposals have received mixed feedback, with some readers fearing shoppers may be deterred by them.

On the flipside, some thought the plans would help keep the market place clear for traders.

Writing on our Facebook page, Alison Hugill said: “No, definitely don’t do it.

“The parking charges have put people off coming into Market Rasen and less parking spaces in the market square can only add to the parking problem.”

Rob Burns said: “They are not trying to kill off trade, they are trying to stop idiots parking there on market days!

“The signs are up but they are ignored, I personally feel sorry for the guy that has to cone off the area for the market.

“He then has to stand there for hours in the cold waiting for people to come back to collect their cars.

“Parking is not expensive in the other car parks.”

Meanwhile, other readers emphasised the need for more traders in the Market Place altogether.

Gail Belinda Lee wrote: “It’s traders that are needed.

“Maybe put some strategies in place to attract them.”

Robyn Hewson didn’t raise the parking space loss as an issue - also suggesting that the cost to park in Rasen was ‘not exactly a massive charge’.

She said: “The charges are not 24hr ones there are periods when you don’t need to pay.

“If the council reduced the cost of having a stall then more people would trade here.”

Gillian Rutter added: “What’s the point when a market constitutes more than a veg stand and a plant seller! Complete waste of money.”

•You can let the town clerk know your views on 01673 842479 or email townclerk@

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