Apathetic response pours cold water on twinning suggestion

BRIGG will not be establishing formal twinning links with German town Waldfischbach-Burgalben after the town council found little enthusiasm for it in the town.

Presently, unlike Caistor and Market Rasen, Brigg has no twinning arrangement, though the former Glanford Borough did, again with Germany.

An enquiry had been received in the autumn from the Mayor of Waldfischbach-Burgalben as a school from the town has enjoyed a long-standing student exchange with Brigg’s Vale of Ancholme Technology and Music College, believed to have been in place for more than 30 years, and the German town has been keen to extend this arrangement into a twinning partnership.

In the autumn, some councillors had raised questions about costs that might be involved in setting up and continuing such a twinning arrangement.

Councillors had initially agreed to write to the mayor of Waldfischbach-Burgalben saying the council would investigate the possible twinning arrangement including costs. Public opinion was canvassed and Coun Nobbs delegated to investigate the possibility of the twinning project further.

After putting out details of the proposed link, town clerk Jenette Woollard had to tell members of the council at the June policy committee meeting in the Angel Suite that she had only received two expressions of interest in the new initiative, one by email and one by letter.

Coun Mel Oades, however, did not want to see the idea not taken forward on the back of this apparent apathy.

Coun Nobbs gave a précis of the background to the proposed link and felt the town could simply be twinned with the German town without embarking on a full twinning process.

Coun Julian Kidd said: “The link between the two schools stretched back over a 30-year period and that the lack of interest in the twinning, despite this well-known and established link, was justification enough for not taking the proposal forward.”

Councillors resolved to shelve the idea of twinning between the two towns due to a lack of interest in the town, but hoped the relationship between the two schools will continue.