Alice carries a flame for the Games

Torchbearer Alice Kaye
Torchbearer Alice Kaye

AN INSPIRATIONAL teenager who organised a mini Olympic torch relay for primary school children will take part in the real thing this summer.

Athletics club member Alice Kaye from South Kelsey will run with the Olympic flame in Brigg on Tuesday, June 26.

The 17-year-old Caistor Grammar School pupil was nominated by her step-dad David after she spent the majority of last year organising her own primary school torch relay to promote Olympic and Paralympic values.

She came up with the idea of a torch being passed between pupils at inter-school tournaments with the winner demonstrating an Olympic value.

Olympic Games officials were also impressed at the teenager’s How Education Lifts Poverty campaign to raise money for education in poorer countries.

Alice said: “It was really nice of my step-dad but I didn’t think anything more of it. I was really, really shocked when I found out – I didn’t believe it and it is an incredible opportunity.

“There is such a buzz going around the Olympics and I haven’t stopped talking about them. People have such great stories at the Olympics and they are really inspirational and I just love it.”

And Alice said the children loved her primary school torch relay idea. She said: “It gives the primary schools an understanding about the Olympics and we try and get them to take part in sport and the Olympic Torch is basically a reward.

“There is definitely a buzz about it and the children get really excited about it and about winning the Torch and it is just through little exercises like hockey or netball.”