Alarm over 36,000 speeding vehicles

speed sign
speed sign

Nettleton Parish Council is calling for immediate action after a speed indicator device (SID) clocked an “alarming” 36,000 vehicles speeding through the village in just six months.

Over the past six months 395,003 vehicles have passed through the village on the 50mph stretch of the 

Out of those vehicles, 36,170 were over the speed limit (nine per cent), 10,639 were driving at 60mph-plus and some at 85 and even 90mph.

And the council says something needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent any accidents from happening.

In a statement, Nettleton Parish Council said: “The figures produced have been alarming, both in the number of vehicles that actually drive through Nettleton and also the speed they are 

“Nettleton Parish Council is most concerned about these statistics, particularly as the village is dissected by the A46 and children have to regularly cross the road to school without any crossing facilities.

“Councillors have noticed a definite increase in the length of time it takes to access the main road from the side roads and the impatience that is seen from other drivers when a local car does pull out, with flashing of lights and sounding of the horn.”

The SID monitored speed of traffic passing through the village in both 

The parish council has passed these figures and its concern to the local policing team and asked for enforcement action be taken as soon as possible.

It says action is needed to “deter speed and prevent