Action group re-forms: ‘All we want is a bit of peace’

Bleasby Moor residents action group with the units in the background EMN-160126-124503001
Bleasby Moor residents action group with the units in the background EMN-160126-124503001
  • Campaigners back in action to fight chicken farm’s plans for overnight work

A campaign group has re-formed to fight plans for a 300,000-bird chicken farm to operate in the middle of the night saying ‘all we want is a bit of peace’.

WLDC’s planning committee last year refused permission for Bleasby Moor firm Jagger Poultry to change a planning condition which prevents any loading or unloading of vehicles between 10pm and 7am.

But now the firm has lodged a new application to vary the condition - and campaign group Bleasby Moor Against Development (BMAD) says it is ready to fight the plans once again.

Jagger Poultry, based at Hill Top Farm, wants to load birds onto lorries overnight, on 26 nights of the year.

BMAD campaigner Andy White said: “We had a BMAD meeting and formulated a plan of action.

“Everyone will write a letter objecting.

“It’s been rejected already - solely for the benefit of Bleasby Moor residents.

“It’s already a 15-hour working day, from 7am to 

“All we want is a bit of peace during the night.

“We’re not saying there’s going to be noise there all the time - but there will be noise.”

The new planning application includes a letter from the Environment Agency stating there have only been 10 complaints about broiler units in the past 15 year.

And it includes noise tests carried out at a farm in East Kirkby.

Mr White said: “Most people complain to the local authority (not the Environment Agency) - there have been others.

“The East Kirkby farm is nothing like the units that are going to be here.

“That is the ideal location for a broiler unit because it’s in the middle of nowhere.”

A statement in the planning application said: “There is no evidence of noise issues during depletion.

“The Environment Agency monitor all units above 40,000 brids.

“They have only had 10 incidents in 15 years.

“These were all not necessarily upheld complaints but as the percentage of the whole is clearly insignificant and not representative of any problems.”

The application will be determined by WLDC’s planning committee in the coming months.


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