Accident-prone adults worse than teenagers says new research

Results of new motoring survey released
Results of new motoring survey released

That’s right. New research from Car Dealer Reviews, which studied accidents across the UK using government statistics, has concluded that older drivers are now more susceptible to crashes than adolescents.

In fact, any driver over the age of 25 is considerably more probable to crash than someone aged 16-19, in many cases this is two-to-three times as likely.

Results of new motoring survey released

Results of new motoring survey released

Notably the elderly, aged 60+, are twice as responsible for accidents across the UK as teenagers, notching up 12% of all crashes.

Of all the collisions across the UK, 11% occurred in the East of England with just 9% taking place in the East Midlands - now theoretically the nation’s second safest area to drive after only the North East.

Within our area, no county were worse offenders for motor accidents than Lincolnshire which was responsible for 21% of the crashes in the East Midlands and Essex which contributed 24% of all accidents in the East.

Unsurprisingly, the small county of Rutland is seemingly the safest place to be a driver with just 1% of all regional accidents occurring there.

Both Norfolk and Suffolk have been recorded as considerably more dangerous than the city of Peterborough (4%) accounting for 14% and 13% of the incidents in those areas.

Cambridgeshire as a whole contributed a modest 11% of all the crashes in the East of England.

Further research from the site exposed the Vauxhall Corsa as the most crashed vehicle in the UK. Other cars likely to cause your insurance premium to skyrocket included the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 206, Renault Clio and most surprisingly the Volkswagen Golf.