A “nightmare” on John Street

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. EMN-150914-163551001

Staff are calling for a ‘nightmare’ road outside their office to be pedestrianised, saying cars drive past so dangerously they have been forced to get rid of a desk in the window.

Workers at Walter’s estate agent, on the corner of Market Rasen’s John Street, say the situation is so bad they fear it is only a matter of time before a vehicle ploughs into their shop.

They say their ‘Walter’s’ sign is already repeatedly damaged by lorries - and that a ‘dangerous’ kerb leaves numerous residents ‘bleeding and bruised’.

Lesley Spikings, who works at Walter’s, said: “The road is a nightmare, it really should be pedestrianised.

“We’re expecting one day for something to go through the window. They (cars and lorries) go so fast.

“To us it is a potential risk. We haven’t got a desk there and avoid sitting on the seat in the window.

“One day there’ll be a serious accident - something will happen.

“Our sign is constantly ripped off by lorries hitting the top of the office and the amount of people that have tripped and fallen on the kerb - we’ve had many people in here bleeding and bruised, it’s dangerous.”

Lesley said the kerb has been lowered for wheelchair access but then comes up quite steeply.

Walter’s manager Andrew Smith said: “It’s dangerous. There’ve been a few people narrowly missed by vehicles turning in at high speed.

“I’m surprised something nasty hasn’t happened.”

It comes a couple of months after former police special inspector Peter Hickin raised similar concerns about John Street.

Lincolnshire County Council area highways manager Steve Wiles said pedestrianising John Street would be ‘detrimental’ to residents but that officers would take action to address the ‘dangerous’ kerb.

He said: “Any benefits of introducing a pedestrian scheme to John Street would be outweighed by the detrimental impact it would have on the local community. The turning from the town centre provides one of the few access routes through to properties and businesses on John Street, and taking away this access would cause a significant inconvenience to these residents.

“There are no records of any personal injury accidents at the junction over the past five years. This would suggest there in no undue risk to motorists, pedestrians or their premises.

“We do thank them for highlighting an issue with the kerb and we have scheduled some work to maintain this during the first two weeks of November. As part of that we’ll remove the temporary tarmac ‘ramp’ from the pavement. This will help to improve safety for all.”