A little taste of television Paradise in Middle Rasen

Linda Patrick at work on her next order
Linda Patrick at work on her next order

A MIDDLE Rasen woman has had a taste of Paradise - but admits it was hard work.

Linda Patrick has been keeping a close eye on the latest BBC costume drama - The Paradise - as she has provided some of the Victorian garb.

The bespoke christening gown designer and maker was contacted by the BBC to provide three identical Victorian christening outfits for an episode which aired on Tuesday, October 9.

“I got a call in June asking me about Victorian gowns and when she said she was looking for three identical ones, I assumed the lady had triplets,” said Linda.

“But then she confessed she was from the BBC and the items were for a new costume drama.”

To find three authentic Victorian gowns identical to each other would be impossible, the only answer was to make an authentic reproduction.

So Linda set about creating a sample set to send off - gown, bonnet, bootees, shawl, cape and socks.

“I was ecstatic when they called me a few days later to say they would like to commission three sets,” added Linda.

“They told me when they opened the box, the wardrobe girls couldn’t believe what they were seeing - so that is quite a compliment.

“The only thing was, they wanted the items in just ten days time.”

Nonetheless, Linda and her assistant Caroline Trevor set to work and hit the deadline.

Speaking on Monday, Linda said: “We are looking forward to sitting down as a family and watching the episode.

“It is a quite a thing and I am really excited.”

The BBC commission is quite a feather in the cap for Linda, but it is not the first high-profile commission she has undertaken since starting her business seven years ago.

Linda designed a gown to go on sale through Lincoln Cathedral, made a Christening outfit for the son of Team GB cyclist David Millar and has also been commissioned by Lord Compton of Ashby Castle to make reproductions of the original family gown.

But Linda’s great love is Victorian gowns and embroidery and can often be found restoring traditional gowns and family heirlooms.

“The repair work is fascinating, as you never know exactly what you are going to have to work with until the item arrives at the door” she said.

l The Paradise Gown will be available on the Little Doves website from today.