60TH ANNIVERSARY OF LINCOLNSHIRE FLOODS: Survivors share their stories

A number of survivors of the 1953 floods have shared their memories with Horncastle News of that dreadful night 60 years ago.

Ruth Siddle, nee Hydes was 16 at the time of 1953 floods and recalls noticing a small puddle in the kitchen, literally moments before the real terror struck.

She recalls: “Just after 8pm, I noitced a puddle on the kitchen floor.

“I had hardly told mum when the sea suddenly burst through the back door.

“We were panic-stricken and ran up the stairs.”

David Lascelles was only 11 in 1953 when the floods occurred.

He explains some of the most vivid memories from the time: “Crossing Parry Road was a nightmare, and a gamble, owing to the speed of 
the flowing water and short distance which it was possible to see.

“We ran a very real risk of being hit by large pieces of flotsam which would suddenly loom out of the dark.”

Bud Shields, was the oldest person in these set of accounts, as he was 20 at the time.

To this day, Bud can remember the huge waves and how their impact on the sea wall made the ground shake.

He explains: “Someone shouted to us that it wasn’t high tide until 7pm and it made us realise that was something beyond what we had seen before.”