49 homes at Dunholme backed by West Lindsey councillors

Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme
Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme

Councillors last week backed plans for 49 houses off Honeyholes Lane, Dunholme.

West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee agreed to an officers recommendation to grant planning permission for the 3.5ha site, despite concerns the project would place too much pressure on the village and its services.

Simon Barrett of Dunholme Parish Council told the meeting Dunholme needs some development, but councillors had to be aware of the impact such projects will have on the village.

“The doctor, the dentist and the local school are at saturation point,” he said.

The development would also encroach on historic greenbelt between Dunholme and Welton. Honeyholes Lane was also ‘heavily used’ by traffic and the houses would only make it worse. Honeyholes Lane also suffered flooding, which the development would worsen.

Planning agent Andy Booth, for applicant Ralph Day of Lincoln, replied the development had ‘evolved’ following public consultation and the flood risk was minimnal. It would provide parking in the village, plus open space and sporting facilities.

“The proposal has been carefully considered and presents a quality scheme at the edge of the village,” he said.

Members accepted concerns the development would add to pressures on Honeyholes Lane, plus local schools, the doctors and the dentist but agreed to the project subject to S106 conditions. They included a £20,000 developer contribution toward widening local roads, £20,000 for health infrastructure, a sports facility is built, and 12 of the homes built are ‘affordable.’