“3-storey monstrosities” to replace pub?

Mr XXXXXX Merryn , neighbour to the Black Horse Inn, which faces demolition.
Mr XXXXXX Merryn , neighbour to the Black Horse Inn, which faces demolition.

Ludford residents have attacked plans to demolish the Black Horse Inn in the village and replace it with three three-storey houses.

The proposal from Mr P Wilkins of Carr Farm, Carr Road, Ulceby, has been described as “over bearing” and would “stick out like a sore thumb in the centre of our village.”

“The owner and the builder do not reside in our village so why should we let them come along and spoil our village and the enjoyment of our properties?” continued one resident.

Keith Merrin and his wife, who live right next door to the planned houses, which would have five bedrooms, describe them as “3-storey monstrosities.”

A report from the developer for East Lindsey District Council says Ludford can no longer support a second pub. The former owners diversified into high-quality Michelin Guide recognised cuisine, but closed the business suddenly, with them disappearing in a “midnight flit” without trace, leaving locals “left unemployed overnight.”

“It is clear that the business had become unviable,” continued the application.

The property was then advertised for sale in March 2012 and despite two 
price reductions, only Mr Wilkins was interested, having his offer accepted in March 2013.

The new owner discussed various proposals with the council, eventually settling on the current scheme.

However, villagers also say Ludford has no shops or local amenities so is unsuited for family accommodation.

They also say three-storey dwellings would “invade the privacy of neighbouring buildings,” and the extra houses would exacerbate sewage problems in the village.

“There is nothing in Ludford for houses to be built. Houses means families. We have nothing to offer. No school. No shops, No nothing,” said one villager.

Ludford Parish Council also says the town houses were not similar to anything else in the village and would “totally change the look of the street scene.”

The council suggested building bungalows as an alternative project.