20 is plenty for Middle Rasen

Roadworks at Middle Rasen EMN-180110-134237001
Roadworks at Middle Rasen EMN-180110-134237001

A county councillor is calling for the speed limit in Middle Rasen village to be slashed to 20mph to ‘calm the traffic problem’ while the nearby A46 is closed for £600,000 flood prevention works.

Lincolnshire County Council member for Market Rasen Wolds, Coun Lewis Strange has issued an apology to residents for the ‘disruption to life’ caused by his authority’s scheme to protect 51 homes from flooding.

Coun Lewis Strange EMN-180928-151459001

Coun Lewis Strange EMN-180928-151459001

Drivers are using Middle Rasen’s 30mph residential roads to avoid the lengthy diversions put in place as part of a two-month closure on the A46, that will see the flood-prone area get an upgraded surface water drainage system.

Coun Strange said: “As the county councillor for the area, I do apologise for the disruption to life in Middle Rasen.

“Please be assured, that although this flood alleviation scheme - which should prevent flooding to 51 properties in the village - is causing problems on the streets to the rear of the A46, I am doing my best to work with the county highways team, and the police, to try to calm this traffic problem.

“The truth is that 20mph would be a more appropriate level, rather than the 30 mph limit.

“Often these drivers seem to be exceeding the 30 limit when they are not, however the Highway Code makes it clear about driving at the speed which is safe.”

“I slowed a speeding [vehicle] down near the church corner, last Wednesday and was told to ‘so and so off.’ I despair.

“Please try to bear with the county council and its contractor who now have three teams on the construction site.”

And Coun Strange thanked residents, the parish council and its clerk for their patience during ‘this very necessary scheme’.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said: “These drivers using the diversion are operating their vehicles to the given speed limit.

“While this creates more noise and disturbance in a quiet residential area there may be a perception of speeding traffic.”

The A46 closure is due to be in place until October 19.