Wragby WI

WI News EMN-141009-073449001
WI News EMN-141009-073449001

At the recent meeting, President Margaret Kane welcomed members, together with Yvonne Bryson and Yvonne Wilson from East Barkwith WI who were to judge the mini produce show.

Several members had been to Hodsock Priory, a trip organised by the Witham Group and Margaret thanked all the members who had helped at the Wragby Show and Country Fayre.

The guest speaker for the evening was Denise Barritt on “Me and my Boys”....Alpacas being her boys.

She told of her life with them and using their wool to make great garments, before the members were invited to “pull wool” to make a felt.

Winners in the Mini Produce Competition were: Flowers in a tea cup - 1 C Scourfield, 2 Vera Smart, 3 Elaine Eccles; Lemon Curd - 1 Vera Smart, 2 Vicky James, 3 M Moore; Butterfly Cakes - 1 Elaine Eccles, 2 C Harman, 3 M Moore; A Piece of Craft - 1 Pauline Cooper, 2 Elaine Eccles, 3 Audrey Saul.