WI visits Wedgewood

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Sara Carter from Owmby has provided this picture of Faldingworth WI on a trip to the Wedgewood factory. She has named many of the people, can anyone fill in the gaps and provide a date?

Front row, from left, 2 Mrs Heath, 4 Nella Bianchi, 5 Granny Spalding, 7 Miss Appleyard; second row - 1 Gladys Stamp, 3 Grace Pears, 4 Sadie Mair; third row - 1 Joy Baxter, 3 Miss Perrin, 4 Mrs Bacon, 5 Mrs Rollinson, 6 Annie Speed; fourth row 1 Daisy Johnson, 2 Mrs Ingham, 4 Mrs Priestley, 5 Win Speed, 6 Mr Speed, 7 Mrs Blackmore; top row - Mr Davey,headmaster and Arthur Speed.