What happened this week in history

Actor Ralf Little celebrates his 37th birthday this week
Actor Ralf Little celebrates his 37th birthday this week

In 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots was beheaded at Fotheringhay, after being found guilty of plotting to assassinate her cousin, Elizabeth I.

1740, The ‘Great Frost’ of London ended. It had begun om December 25, 1739.

1879 - The England cricket team led by Lord Harris was attacked in a riot during a match in Sydney.

1924 - The gas chamber form of execution was used in America for the first time, in Nevada State Prison.

1939 - The Bastardy Bill made blood tests compulsory in paternity cases.

1945 - The United Kingdom and Canada commenced Operation Veritable, to occupy the west bank of the Rhine.

1946 - The first portion of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, the first serious challenge to the popularity of the Authorized King James Version, was published.

1950 - The Stasi, the secret police of East Germany, was established.

1952 - Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen, following the death of her father, George VI, on February 6.

1960 - Queen Elizabeth II issued an Order-in-Council, stating she and her family would be known as the House of Windsor, and that her descendants would take the name Mountbatten-Windsor.

1960 - The first eight brass star plaques were installed in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1965 - Cigarette advertising was banned from commercial television in Britain.

1969 - The world’s largest commercial plane, the Boeing 747, made its first flight.

1971 - New York’s Nasdaq Stock Market began trading. It was the world’s first electronic stock market

1974 - After 86 days in space, the US Skylab station returned to earth.

1981 - Twenty-one association football spectators were trampled to death at Karaiskakis Stadium in Neo Faliro, Greece, after a football match between Olympiacos F.C. and AEK Athens F.C.

1983 - The 1981 Derby winner, Shergar, was kidnapped and a ransom of £2 million was demanded. It was never paid.

2001 - A Commons Committee recommended bright kids should be fast-tracked to go to university at the age of 13.