What happened this week in history

Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Atkinson

In 1066, King Harold, who was once shot in the eye with an arrow, was crowned King of England.

1367 - Richard of Bordeaux, later King Richard II, was born; the younger son of Edward, the Black Prince, and Joan of Ken, The Fair Maid of Kent.

1540 - King Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves, his fourth wife.

1759 - US President George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis at the White House Plantation.

1838 - The first public demonstration of the electric telegraph was given by its inventor, Samuel Morse.

1839 - The most damaging storm in 300 years swept across Ireland, damaging or destroying more than 20 per cent of the houses in Dublin.

1905 - E R Mumford patented the helicopter.

1907 – Maria Montessori opened her first school and day care centre for working class children in Rome.

1916 - The House of Commons overwhelmingly voted for conscription.

1926 - The first widow’s pensions were paid out at post offices.

1928 - The River Thames flooded, drowning four people and severely damaging paintings stored in the Tate Gallery’s basement.

1929 - Mother Teresa arrived in Calcutta to begin her work among India’s poorest and sick people.

1931 - Sadler’s Wells Theatre opened in London.

1937 - Fred Perry made his debut as a professional tennis player.

1956 - Actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco officially announced their engagement.

1964 - The Rolling Stones began their first headlining tour of Britain.

1993 - Dancer Rudolph Nureyev died from cardiac complications at the age of 54.

1999 - Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones announced their engagement.

2000 - A major flu outbreak stretched the NHS to the limit, with many hospitals forced to cancel non-emergency surgery as a bed shortage took hold.

2008 - The QE2 left Southampton on her final around-the-world cruise.