What happened this week in history

Ant and Dec EMN-151115-230232001
Ant and Dec EMN-151115-230232001

In 1307, William Tell shot an apple off his son’s head.

1493 - Christopher Columbus first sighted the island now known as Puerto Rico.

1626 - St Peter’s Basilica in Rome was consecrated.

1812 - The Battle of Krasnoi ended in French defeat, but Marshal of France Michel Ney’s leadership led to him becoming known as “the bravest of the brave”.

1883 - American and Canadian railroads instituted five standard continental time zones, ending the confusion over thousands of local times.

1916 - First Battle of the Somme: In France, British Expeditionary Force commander Douglas Haig called off the battle which started on July 1, 1916.

1918 - Latvia declared its independence from Russia.

1928 - Animated short Steamboat Willie was released; the first fully synchronized sound cartoon.

1963 - The first push-button telephone went into service.

1967 -More than 80,000 cattle, pigs and sheep were slaughtered following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Movement of farm animals was banned across parts of England and Wales.

1987 - A fire at London’s King’s Cross underground station killed 31 people.

1988 - U.S President Ronald Reagan signed a bill into law allowing the death penalty for drug traffickers.

1991 - Shiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon released Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite; he was taken hostage in 1987. American academic Thomas Sutherland, seized in 1985, was also released.

1993 - In South Africa, 21 political parties approved a new constitution, expanding voting rights and ending white minority rule.

1996 - A fire on a train travelling through the Channel Tunnel from France to England caused several injuries and damaged approximately 500 metres (1,600 ft) of tunnel.

2000 - The film world celebrated the wedding of the year in New York, as Hollywood leading man Michael Douglas married Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones.

2013 - NASA launched the MAVEN probe to Mars.