What happened this week in history

Actor Derek Fowlds celebrates his 78th birthday this week EMN-150825-112057001
Actor Derek Fowlds celebrates his 78th birthday this week EMN-150825-112057001

In 1192 – The Treaty of Jaffa was signed between Richard I of England and Saladin, leading to the end of the Third Crusade.

1666 - The Great Fire of London started at Thomas Farynor’s baker’s shop in Pudding Lane. The fire burnt for three days, destroying 10,000 buildings, including St Paul’s Cathedral.

1752 - Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar, nearly two centuries later than most of Western Europe. It meant that Wednesday, September 2, was followed by Thursday, September 14. The correction resulted in rioting by people who felt cheated and demanded the missing eleven days back.

1830 - Sarah J hale published her nursery rhyme, Mary had a little lamb.

1853 - The world’s first triangular postage stamps were issued by the Cape of good Hope.

1866 - London’s Cannon Street railway station opened.

1878 - In Boston, Massachusetts, Emma Nutt became the world’s first female telephone operator.

1886 - The Severn Tunnel opened for goods traffic.

1913 - Louis Bleriot performed the first loop-the-loop.

1920 - The state of Lebanon was created by the French.

1923 - The first elections were held in the Irish Free State following independence from Britain.

1928 - Albania was declared a kingdom, with Zog I as king.

1944 - Holocaust diarist Anne Frank was sent to the Auschwitz camp.

1945 - Japan officially surrendered to the Allied Forces in the Second World War with a signed document.

1946 - The first League football since the outbreak of war kicked off. It was watched by 950,000 fans across the country.

1951 - Britain’s first supermarket opened in Earls Court, London.

1961 - Hampshire won the Cricket County Championship for the first time.

1972 - Bobby Fischer beat Bobby Spassky in Reykjavik to become the first American World Chess Champion.

1994 - Entertainer and television presenter Roy Castle died from cancer two days after his 62nd birthday.