What happened this week in history

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Matt Damon EMN-140930-122036001

1085 - St Mark’s 
Cathedral in Venice was consecrated.

1829 - Stephenson’s The Rocket won The Rainhill Trials.

1835 - Charles Darwin reached James Island in the Galapagos archipelago, aboard HMS Beagle.

1871 - The Great Fire of Chicago started when a cow kicked over a lantern in a dairy barn.

1905 - A permanent waving machine was used for the first time, by Charles Nessler.

1932 - The London Philharmonic Orchestra gave its first concert, under creator Sir Thomas Beecham.

1949 - Actress Sigourney Weaver was born. Her real name is Susan, but she changed it after reading ‘The Great Gatsby’.

1952 - A three-train rail disaster at Harrow killed 112 passengers and injured more than 200.

1957 - ‘Great Balls of Fire’ was recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis.

1962 - Elizabeth Lane became Britain’s first female judge.

1964 - Ringo Starr passed his driving test.

1965 - London’s Post Office Tower opened and became the tallest building in England

1967 - A breathalyser was used for the first time, on a motorist in Somerset.

1967 - Former Prime Minister Clement Atlee died, aged 84.

1971 - John Lennon released his megahit “Imagine”.

1973 - LBC (London Broadcasting Corporation) - Britain’s first legal commercial radio station - began transmitting.

1978 - Australian Ken Warby set a water speed record of 319.627mph.

1980 - British Leyland launched the Mini Metro.

1982 - Poland banned Solidarity and all trade unions.

1990 - Pele came out of retirement to play in a friendly against Italy.

1991 - Croatia voted to sever constitutional relations with Yugoslavia, rendering the country fully independent.

2003 - Film star Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California.

2005 - An earthquake in Kashmir killed around 80,000 people.