What happened this week in history

Julie Andrews EMN-140924-084127001
Julie Andrews EMN-140924-084127001

959 - Edgar the Peaceable became king of all England.

1553 - Coronation of Queen Mary I 
 of England.

1843 - The News of the World was published for the first time.

1867 - Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ was published.

1869 - The first postcards appeared in Vienna.

1869 - The Midland Railway opened St Pancras Station in London.

1880 - The first electric light bulbs were manufactured by The Edison Lamp Works in New Jersey.

1888 - National Geographic magazine was published for the first time.

1889 - Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire became the first school to introduce sex education into the curriculum.

1908 - The first Model T was introduced by Ford.

1928 - Elastoplast dressings were manufactured for the first time, in Hull.

1932 - Oswald Moseley launched the British Union of Fascists.

1949 - The People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, with Mao Tse Tung as its chairman.

1954 - The first Top 20 was published by the ‘New Musical Express’.

1962 - Barbra Streisand signed her first recording contract.

1969 - Guernsey and Jersey began issuing their own stamps.

1969 - Concorde broke the sound barrier for the first time.

1971 - Disney World opened in Florida.

1971 - The first brain-scan using x-ray computed 
tomography (CT or CAT scan) was performed at Atkinson Morley Hospital in London.

1974 - The first McDonald’s in London opened.

1977 - Pele retired from football.

1979 - The MTR, the rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong, opened.

1987 - Surrogate grandmother Pat Anthony gave birth to triplets for her 25-year-old daughter Karen Ferreira-Jorge in Johannesburg.

1998 - The first digital 
televisions went on sale.