What happened this week in history

Boxer Muhammed Ali EMN-141009-083835001
Boxer Muhammed Ali EMN-141009-083835001
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1771 - Scottish novelist and doctor Tobias George Smollett died in Italy aged 50. His last words were: ‘All is well, my dear’.

1787 - The first signatures were put on the American Constitution.

1872 - Phillip W Pratt patented the sprinkler system.

1900 - The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed.

1908 - Lieutenant Selfridge was killed on a test flight with Orville Wright. He was the first passenger to die in an air crash.

1917 - The German government appealed to boys under the age of 15 to volunteer for the army.

1931 - The first long-playing record was demonstrated in New York by RCA-Victor; the venture failed due to the high price of the record players.

1939 - Poland was invaded by the USSR.

1941 - The government ordered potatoes to be sold at 1d, so people would eat more of them.

1954 - Boxer Rocky Marciano won his 47th consecutive victory in New York, beating Ezzard Charles.

1957 - Malaysia joined the United Nations.

1971 - A fleet of 100 fishing boats sailed up the River Thames in protest at Britain joining the EEC.

1976 - The first female 
cadets were admitted to Dartmouth Naval College.

1976 - The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was unveiled by NASA.

1978 - Muhammed Ali beat Leon Spinks to win the World Heavyweight Championship for a record third time.

1980 After weeks of strikes at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, Poland, the nationwide independent trade union Solidarity was established.

1983 - Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America.

1985 - Designer Laura 
Ashley died, aged 60.

1989 - The Sunday Correspondent newspaper made its debut.

1998 - Dennis the Menace’s little sister was introduced to ‘The Beano’.

2006 – Fourpeaked Mountain in Alaska erupted, marking the first eruption for the long-dormant volcano in at least 10,000 years.