What happened this day in history: October 11

What happened this day in history: October 11 EMN-171010-172634001

1216 - King John lost his crown and jewels while crossing The Wash.

1492 - Christopher Columbus’ ships sighted land on the horizon - it was the Bahamas.

1887 - The elevator was patented.

1899 - The Boer War began.

1919 - In-flight catering began when pre-packed box lunches were served on a London to Paris flight.

1948 - The BBC broadcast from Downing Street for the first time.

1957 - The largest radio telescope in the world was switched on at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.

1958 - The first edition of BBC’s ‘Grandstand’ programme aired.

1966 - The Post Office announced all home and business addresses in Britain were to be allocated postcodes.

1982 - The Mary Rose, the pride of Henry VIII’s fleet until it sank in The Solent in 1545 , was raised from the seabed off Portsmouth.

1986 - Mother Teresa escaped unhurt from a plane crash in Tanzania that killed six people.

1987 - A major sonar exploration of Loch Ness in Scotland failed to find a monster.

2000 - Scotland’s first minister, Donald Dewar, died aged 63.

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