What happened this day in history: November 22

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-171121-163619001

1718 - British pirate Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was killed in battle with a boarding party, led by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard.

1869 - In Dumbarton, the clipper Cutty Sark was launched, one of the last clippers ever built and the only one still surviving today.

1943 - Lebanon gained independence from France.

1963 - US President John F Kennedy was assassinated by a gunman, in Dallas.

1977 - British Airways inaugurated a regular London to New York City supersonic Concorde service.

1990 - Margaret Thatcher quit as Prime Minister after her Cabinet refused to back her in a second round of leadership elections.

1 995 - Toy Story was released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.

1995 - Rosemary West was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 10 women and girls.

2003 - England won the Rugby World Cup, beating Australia 20-17.

2005 - Angela Merkel, leader of the Christian Democrats (CDU), was sworn in as Germany’s first woman Chancellor.