What happened this day in history - May 24

On this day: May 24 EMN-170524-134442001
On this day: May 24 EMN-170524-134442001

1726 - The first circulating library opened in Edinburgh.

1738 - John Wesley was converted, essentially launching the Methodist movement.

1844 - The first morse code message was telegraphed. The message was ‘What God hath wrought’.

1862 - London’s Westminster Bridge opened.

1895 -Henry Irving became the first person from the theatre to be knighted.

1930 - The planet Pluto was officially recognised.

1940 - Igor Sikorsky performed the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight.

1954 - IBM revealed their first business computer.

1956 - The first Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland. It was won by Lys Assia from Switzerland with a song called ‘Refrains’.

1965 - The Government announced Britain would switch to the metric system.

1972 - The Midlands motorway at Spaghetti Junction opened.

1976 - Two Concordes landed after the first commercial transatlantic super-sonic flights.