Tribute paid to thousand dead

Nostalia 14-09-11
Nostalia 14-09-11

CHEERS and waving from a 600-strong crowd signalled the arrival of the last operational Lancaster bomber as it flew over Wickenby airfield this week in 1981.

The City of Lincoln was flying to pay tribute to the 1,080 airmen who died while serving in Bomber Command at Wickenby between September 1942 and May 1945 as a new memorial was unveiled.

Nostalia 14-09-11

Nostalia 14-09-11

Dedicating the memorial, Bishop Frank Cocks commented: “It may be somewhat strange that we should be dedicating a memorial 40 years after the endeavours in which those we are remembering were engaged.

“But sometimes it is only in the light of memories that we can recall people again. We can see them rather better than when they were alongside us day by day.”

Other items making the pages of the Market Rasen Mail 30 years ago:

l Market Rasen’s train service was again in the news after it was announced two of the three Intercity services to London were to be withdrawn.

Nostalia 14-09-11

Nostalia 14-09-11

Although, it was said, this change would mean slower journeys between Newark and Cleethorpes, the overall journey to London would be quicker because of the high-speed train connection.

l There was a sense of excitement at Market Rasen and Louth Rugby Club as they looked forward to the official opening of their Willingham Road facilities.

Sporting personalities and local dignitaries were all expected to attend.

l Newly-wed Jessie Ann Chapman came away from the British Transplant Games with two coveted bronze medals.

Jessie Ann demonstrated the success of her kidney transplant five years previously by taking third spot in the 100m and 800m events.

She was hoping to improve her times and win a place in the British team to compete in Greece at the World Transplant Games.

And finally......

l Landlord of The George Inn John Wood also had a new trophy in the bar.

His greyhound, Briarfield Cindy, had been voted Greyhound of the month at the Derby track after a sequence of impressive performances.