Toby flew to top spot

Nostalgia pics 30-11-11
Nostalgia pics 30-11-11

STORM force winds wreaked havoc this week in 1981.

Several trees were felled at Holton le Moor, resulting in the B1434 road being blocked for two hours.

The mini-whirlwind was reported to have swept through Owersby Moor and Holton le Moor at the height of the storm, causing minor damage to several properties and farm buildings.

Hundreds of Rasen homes were also plunged into darkness when a power line support broke in Kilnwell Road.

Others items making the pages of the Rasen Mail 30 years ago were:

l The villages of North and South Kelsey successfully recruited six car drivers to start their own voluntary car scheme.

The service came about after the health authority stopped the hospital car service.

Volunteers were to be paid 10p per mile from their passengers to cover expenses.

l A meeting arranged by the town council to consider plans in the event of emergency or wartime attack failed to attract the support of the public.

However, members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament did attend to disrupt the meeting.

l Market Rasen Air Cadet Toby Hall ran his way to take the top prize at the wing cross-country event.

He was then invited to represent the Lincolnshire and South Humberside Wing at the regional championships.

And finally .....

l There was a name change for a popular Wolds hostelry.

The pub at Rothwell was formerly a blacksmith’s and so, when it became a licensed house, took on the name of The Blacksmiths.

The property had been owned by the Nickerson family for 30 years and was renamed The Nickerson Arms.