Time to sing out about your group


Local vocal groups have until the end of February to play their part in putting community singing on the map in Lincolnshire.

Choral ensembles of all types - from social singers, folk clubs, barbershop choruses and amateur operatic societies to church, gospel and community choirs - are invited to take part in ‘Lincolnshire Sings!’, a project which is highlighting places where people can sing for fun all over the county.

Groups can join the Lincolnshire Sings! register by completing a short questionnaire, available by e-mail via jill@soundlincs.org

The information is being gathered by community music organisation soundLINCS on behalf of Lincolnshire Music Service.

The results of our survey will not only show how much singing goes on in Lincs communities, but could influence funding decisions, encourage new singers and help identify performance opportunities,” said soundLINCS CEO Nikki-Kate Heyes.

“The project could even lead to choirs sharing their enthusiasm with others, whether by working with local schools or with other music-making groups.”

For more information on Lincolnshire Sings!, visit www.soundlincs.org