Teenage boys ran amok with air guns at Linwood

1962 Bonny Harvest Festival Girls
1962 Bonny Harvest Festival Girls

Binbrook’s by-pass was brought into use for the first time this week back in 1962.

The two-mile road was designed to by-pass the airfield, where the main runway had been extended to provide for the landing of high-speed jets.

The cost of the new road was £100,000, which was almost entirely borne by the RAF.

At Linwood Warren, three 15-year-old Market Rasen boys broke into the headquarters building of the Lincolnshire Boy Scouts Association and ran amok with air guns.

They shot at ornaments and plaques, broke windows and stole tinned fruit.

On a second visit, the boys took axes from an outbuilding and chopped down 48 trees growing around the campsite, which had only been opened by Lord Ancaster, the lord lieutenant of the county, a few months earlier.

Caistor’s grand old man, John Robert Wright, attained the magical age of 100, after a whole lifetime spent within the confines of Caistor rural district.

Surrounded by the kindness lavished on him at Nettleton Manor Nursing Home, the Mail reported Mr Wright “eats well, sleeps well, enjoys his pipe and likes nothing better than to turn back the pages of the local history, which he himself helped to make.”

Mrs Victor Neale of Searby Manor, chairman of Caistor magistrates, addressed the annual general meeting of the Magistrates’ Association in London on the subject of the drunken driver.

She proposed a resolution urging it should be an offence to drive or be in charge of a vehicle on a road after having consumed a specific quantity of alcohol.

There was plenty to keep people busy this week in 1962.

Caistor’s Town Hall Cinema was showing Konga, starring Jess Conrad and Michael Gough, while at Market Rasen’s Waverley Cinema, A Town Like Alice was topping the bill.

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